Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center

Annapolis, MO

Dhamma Sukha and Bhante Vimalaramsi offers the meditation practice that is based on the earliest teachings of the Buddha and selected commentaries. We use the Majjhima and the other Nikayas for our main source books, along with many parts of the Vinaya. We try to stay with just the words of the Buddha. We strive to get back to the original teachings of the Buddha! We are not Zen,Vajrayana, Theravada, Mahayana, Insight, Concentration, Vipassana, Vedanta, Yoga... We only follow the suttas. We are Suttavada. This is actually a historical sect of Theravada . When theravada split apart after the 2nd council 18 new sects were created. Suttavada only followed the suttas and the vinaya and was one of the 18. The first monk to declare that the suttas and vinaya were the only valid texts was Ven Nanavira in Sri Lanka in 1960. "In my second sitting with the six directions I had an amazing experience. During the first sitting I was having trouble keeping my Metta up, but in the second sitting it seemed to be spontaneously arising after I got it started. When I started to direct the Metta downward, it was like igniting a rocket. All of a sudden I had this extraordinary sense of lightness as if I was about to levitate. My arms felt like they were about to lift off my thighs. I tried the Relax Step to make sure that it was not an experience of wanting such and such to happen, but this was simply occurring on its own. When I switched to radiating the Metta above it was like I got blasted into space with my whole body, light as a feather and when I switched to all directions I was simply radiating serenity to everywhere with no thought of doing so, no doing at all." L.W. NY We teach a meditation, in which serenity and Insight practices are “yoked” together. We use the commentarial works as reference books only when they are in alignment with the main texts mentioned. We are trying to teach what the Buddha taught only using the suttas.
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