Living Awareness Meditation Retreats

Leyden, MA

Each year we offer several Living Awareness Retreats; each one unique and designed to cultivate your meditation practice. Spirit Fire's meditation retreats are set up in this way... In January, we offer a retreat called Intention; this is a New Year's retreat designed to set the intention for the upcoming year. In March, our next retreat is called Foundations; this retreat introduces The Practice of Living Awareness, Spirit Fire's 14-step meditation program. The first half of our meditation program is dedicated to establishing mindfulness and the second half is dedicated to generating insight, or vipassana. The Foundations Retreat in March offers an introduction to all 14 steps. It allows participants to experience each one of them meditatively and discuss their place within the practice as well as their practical use off of the cushion and in our every day lives. Then, during the summer, we have two silent retreats called In Silence focussing on the first half of the practice, or the mindfulness aspects. These retreats explore mindfulness as a way of creating a living awareness. Summer offers so much splendor for the senses: local organic food for your taste buds, fresh flowers perfuming the air, green grass growing all around, and delightful summer streams for dipping your feet. These experiences are brought onto and off of the meditation cushion. This lays the groundwork for working with vipassana, or the insight aspects of meditation. In September we offer the Deepening retreat dedicated to laying the groundwork for vipassana, or the insight aspects of meditation. We work with the qualities and energetic architecture of the mind and the various ways in which we can meditatively access the higher aspects of the mind to offer a clear view of ourselves and our reality, or as we might say... our living awareness. Each retreat is designed for all levels of experience. Enjoy one or enjoy them all and by year's end you'll have a well rounded experience to cultivate consciousness in your practice and in your everyday life. And as always, your experience will be delightful. Our 95 acres of foothill forest and fields invite peace of mind; our meals are mindfully prepared, delicious and nutritious, and locally sourced wherever possible; and our art barn will get your creative juices flowing.
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