Sanshin Zen Community

Bloomington, IN

Sanshin Zen Community exists to enable the practice of shikantaza in the style of Uchiyama Roshi, deep study of Dogen Zenji’s teachings, and commitment to beneficial action. "Shikantaza in the style of Uchiyama Roshi" is characterized by three elements: 1) The study of the meaning of zazen in the context of Buddha's teachings. 2) Letting go of extra activities or formalities in an effort to focus on zazen. 3) Finding the significance of zazen and study in modern daily life. Sanshin is an international sangha founded in 1996 by Shohaku Okumura, a Soto Zen priest and respected translator of the thirteenth-century Japanese Zen master, Eihei Dogen Zenji. We're based at Shobozan Sanshinji ??? ??? in Bloomington, IN, where we offer opportunities for daily practice, weekly Dharma talks, sesshin and retreats, and a three-month ango (practice period). Activities are open to anyone with a sincere interest in the practice of Soto Zen. We're largely a lay sangha, with most regular activities happening on weekday and Sunday mornings as well as occasional evenings in order to accommodate lives of work and family.
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