Divine Grace Yoga

Cottonwood, AZ

Divine Grace Yoga Ashram is here solely to serve and support. Grounded in the teachings of Swami Sivananda, and all of the great masters, we have been guided to this community as instruments - in service to the One. Our goal is to support seekers of Truth on their paths towards integrated life in the Divine, or "Yoga". ​ Yoga, particularly classical Yoga underpinned in a lineage of the great Yogis, is a peace mission. Outer peace is only possible when enough of us have inner peace, in fact for each of us our journey here is only about coming into alignment with the great Peace within us. Everything that we seek, whether it be Peace, Love, Wisdom, Life, or Joy, is an inner quality - and is available to us when we do the inner work required to bring it to the forefront of our life. ​
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