Vajrapani Institute

Boulder Creek, CA

In 1975, the first American course with Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche was held at Lake Arrowhead in California. During the retreat, Lama Yeshe was asked what would be a good name for a center in California. Lama immediately said “Vajrapani Institute for Wisdom Culture.” As more students gathered and more teachings were given, the students were inspired to make it happen. In 1977, thirty acres of land in the Santa Cruz Mountains were donated for a center and Vajrapani Institute for Wisdom Culture was born.
Upcoming Retreats

cultivating emotional balance
6 days · September 24 2019-September 29 2019

tantra retreat with gyumed khensur rinpoche lobsang jampa
17 days · October 18 2019-November 03 2019

making peace: reconciliation and loving kindness
3 days · November 15 2019-November 17 2019

a practical guide to true happiness: fall lam rim retreat 2019
10 days · December 06 2019-December 15 2019

new year’s vajrasattva purification retreat
5 days · December 28 2019-January 01 2020