True North Insight

Scott Street, ON

The vision of True North Insight sees peace, well-being and liberation of heart and mind as innate in all people, no one excluded; our service is to support the inner realization and the outer expression of this reality. True North Insight (TNI) is a charitable organization offering a full schedule of Buddhist insight (vipassana) meditation retreats and courses in English and French. Insight meditation practices were taught for more than 2600 years as part of a path to liberation of mind and heart from suffering. They are dedicated to cultivating awareness, kindness and compassion, bringing more mindfulness and calm into our daily life. This simple and profound awareness practice is at the heart of many spiritual paths. By offering insight meditation retreats, TNI provides a space of refuge for people to enter into focused and supported meditation. Out of this practice arise clarity, inner peace and gratitude for healing and transformation in the midst of the ongoing challenges in our personal and community lives. TNI is guided in all endeavors by the ethics of non-harming, the spirit of loving friendship and compassion, the wisdom of insight, and the truth of liberation. TNI retreats and courses are guided by teachers who have practiced and taught vipassana and other meditation techniques for many years. TNI's vision is to make these teachings accessible to people of all ages, religions, races and sexual orientations. We keep our fees as low as possible, and for those with limited income scholarships are available.
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