happylucky no.1

Crown Heights, NY

happylucky no.1 is a gray, fishscaly building located at 734 Nostrand Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The façade is marked by a door and a yellow neon dandelion. We are not exactly sure what happens, or what will happen, within the elongated rectangular box that is the interior of happylucky no. 1. Vaguely speaking, there will be events, exhibitions and experiments, the subjects/results of which might occasionally be edible, or medicinal. There will be things on the walls and floors and floating through the air; sights, sounds and ideas requesting your assistance in their propagation. There will be triumphs and, as this is a human endeavor, the occasional disaster. Fortunately, happylucky no. 1 boasts all modern conveniences including running water, electricity and places to clean up. Also fire extinguishers. happylucky no. 1 will be useful to the community, with space to work, learn and talk, to see and hear things and people that aren't in your devices (although happylucky no. 1 will be up in your clouds and devices, too, attempting to propagate its memes with a digital puff, please, so look for it in all the usual spots). And hopefully, we'll see you soon!
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